Changing Lives

I have a rare tooth disease that is so uncommon even oral specialists couldn’t provide a proper solution to the pains it caused. After years of attempting to live with my teeth as they were (very yellow, small, sharp and thin), Doctor Liu assessed my situation, capped my teeth and remedied my recurring pain. Doctor Liu was very sensitive to how I was feeling. He wanted to make sure that the whole procedure would hurt as little as possible.
I’m no longer embarrassed to smile. Fortunately for me, because Doctor Liu paid close and caring attention to what seems to be a minor detail of my appearance, he’s made an overwhelmingly positive and completely inexplicable impact on the rest of my life. I can’t thank him enough!
— Katrina

Saving Your Smile

Several years ago, I accidentally hit my front tooth on a piece of metal, and it literally crumbled into my mouth. I have no words to express how devastated I was. It was then that I first met Doctor Liu. He skillfully repaired my tooth and built it up so that even I did not notice that it was once only half a tooth. My smile has become my personal trademark, and I always get many compliments. I am always proud to refer my friends and acquaintances to Doctor Liu for his superior dental services.
— Anka Bolcic

Personal Service

From the first day I walked into the office, and every day since then, Dr. Labedzki and his staff have made me feel like a member of the family rather than simply a patient or a client. I find that the staff is always warm and friendly, and Dr. Labedzki frequently takes time from his busy schedule to meet me at the reception desk to ask how things are going.
Like many people, I hate needles and really have a fear of them. Dr. Labedzki is the first dentist that I have met who is able to give me that dreaded needle in a painless manner. As a result, I have become less apprehensive about my visits.
— Roman Bobrownik

Kid Friendly

No kids like going to the dentist, but my kids look forward to visiting Doctor Liu’s office. As expected, they like “cool stuff,” which they find at Doctor Liu’s state-of-the-art office. The staff are very friendly and always ask about the children’s progress. Needless to say, I have referred my mother, three siblings and their families to Laser Dental Clinic. I know they will be in good hands!
— Susana Chan

Calming Patients’ Fears

When it comes to dentists, Doctor Liu is a cut above the average. A kind fellow who calms the most worrisome client’s fears, he gets the job done and sets you free to wonder why you ever waited so long!
— Ada Grier

The Thoughtful Approach

A genuinely good man amongst dentists, Dr. Labedzki is one professional who is never rushed in his approach. I have watched him take his clients aside at the end of each appointment and discuss any concerns they might be having. This is a bonus in my books because I have one son who needs a lot of work and that chat helps us to take a more balanced, thoughtful approach to his dental care.
— A. Tinkess

A Light Touch

For folks who have poor teeth (with more than the average amount of work to be done) Doctor Liu is the best. He divides the work up into manageable appointments, and then with a light touch he gets the job done. You are out the door with a minimum amount of concern. Always uplifting in his approach, he never, ever lectures you or leaves you feeling bad about yourself – no matter how much work you need to have done.
— Jessie Tinkess

The New Standard for Professional Service

Doctor Liu and his staff are my new standard for professional service. The crowning touch of being a lucky patient at this office is that not only is the entire staff extraordinarily personable, they are without a doubt the most skilled dental staff I have ever encountered. Thank you for being so caring, skilled and just plain fabulous!
— James Reddy